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The King Free Trial

The King Free Trial

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Introducing "The King" Amp Sim: Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled sonic intensity. This groundbreaking software replicates the raw power and crushing tones of the iconic signature amp of one of the biggest American thrash metal guitarists of all time, delivering a formidable arsenal of aggressive tones that will leave a lasting impact.

"The King" Amp Sim is a must-have for guitarists and producers seeking to unleash devastatingly heavy tones with ease. From bone-crushing rhythms to blistering leads, this amp simulation offers a wealth of features to sculpt and refine your tone to perfection.

Key Features:

1. Authentic Amp Modeling: Experience the unmistakable fury and crushing distortion of one of the most iconic signature amps of all time. This amp sim faithfully captures the essence of this legendary amplifier, ensuring that every note you play exudes sheer power and aggression.

2. Three Versatile Pedals: "The King" comes equipped with three meticulously crafted pedals designed to take your tone to new heights. The Tweaker EQ pedal offers a 4 band EQ for shaping your DI signal, allowing you to carve out your ideal sound. The Howler overdrive pedal tightens up the low end and adds saturation, while the Faux-tin overdrive pedal delivers blistering, high-gain distortion for maximum impact.

3. 9-Band Graphic EQ: Shape your tone with precision using the 9-band graphic equalizer. Positioned after the amplifier and before the cabinet simulation, this powerful tool empowers you to sculpt your sound to perfection. Achieve tight and punchy rhythms or soaring lead tones with unparalleled control.

4. Extensive IR Collection: "The King" includes a comprehensive collection of 15 premium pre-processed impulse responses known as the Cabs of Chaos. These expertly-crafted IRs add depth, realism, and sonic richness to your guitar tone, taking it to the next level. There are also 4 Bogren Digital impulse responses available that cover a wide range of tonal characteristic. Additionally, you have the flexibility to load your own external IRs for endless tonal possibilities.

5. Dual IR Loaders: Unleash your creativity with the dual IR loaders. Blend two impulse responses simultaneously, creating a unique sonic landscape that sets your guitar tone apart from the rest. Explore innovative textures and find your signature sound with ease.

"The King" Amp Sim is your gateway to a realm of crushing tones and limitless creativity. Dominate the stage or studio with unrivaled sonic intensity, and unleash your full guitar potential. With its versatile features and authentic amp emulation, "The King" is the ultimate tool to achieve awe-inspiring guitar tones. Prepare to conquer the world of heavy music like never before. Get ready to reign supreme!

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You've got questions, we've got answers...

What's Included?

You'll get the complete "The King" amp sim suite. This includes both the plugin and standalone application formats which feature 3 pedals, the amp, a 9-band graphic post-EQ, and dual IR loaders. It also has the Cabs of Chaos impulse response pack, as well as 4 Bogren Digital impulses responses, built in!

This will come as a single ZIP file that contains both a Mac and Windows installer, as well as a manual in PDF format. The Mac installer will install the plugin, in AAX, AU and VST3 formats, and the standalone application. The Windows installer will install the plugin, in AAX and VST3 formats, and the standalone application.

What actual hardware was modeled?

The "Faux-Tin" pedal was modeled after a popular modded version of the TS-808.

The amplifier was modeled after the signature app of one of the most well known thrash metal guitarists of all time. This amp, known for its "BEAST" mode, is a fire breathing monster that lives up to that name. Don't let that fool you, though, this amp offers a wide range of tones, not just the super chunky metal tones.

Will this work with my DAW?

Currently, The King will work in most DAWs including Logic, Reaper, Cubase, Pro Tools, etc.

System Requirements?

• macOS Monterey (v12) or greater
• Intel or M based chip (we recommend at least 4 cores)

• Windows 10 or greater
• Most CPUs with at least 4 cores should suffice. If you run into issues and increasing your buffer size doesn't fix it, you likely won't be able to run this software at this time. We're always looking to improve performance so there may be a future update that performs better on older, less powerful, CPUs.

We think you'll love it but don't just take our word for it...

"‘The King’ provides instant gratification when it comes to unforgivably crushing and in-your-face guitar tones. In conjunction with the built-in cabs and pedals, including the impeccably modelled ‘Faux-Tin' boost, the tonal options are plenty and inspiring!"
– Jyothish Mani (Pineapple Express)
"From Pushed to Modern, 'The King' delivers incredible amp modeling and tone customization, providing me with professional-grade guitar tones and realistic sound quality. As a Guitarist and Producer, 'The King' is a absolute must have!"
– Sietse de Krieger (Guitarist / Producer)
"The King is aggressive in all the right ways with a realistic feel that will keep you coming back to it time and again.  It also comes packed with IR's that will make this a staple for any production and mix situation."
– Steven Ward (Producer, Musician, Content Creator)