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The Howler

The Howler

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What's new in The Howler v1.1.0:

  • "Mix" knob – The new mix knob allows blending your DI signal with the processed signal to have more control over the final tone before the signal hits your amp sim.
  • Updated input and output signal meters – The updated input and output signal meters now display both the left and the right (if using the plugin in stereo mode) audio signal levels.

More about The Holwer:

The Howler is a plugin designed to go in front of your favorite high-gain amp sim. You can think of The Howler as both and EQ and Overdrive in one. I found that I often would apply very similar EQ and overdrive settings across all rhythm guitars in my mixes, so I decided to build a single plugin that models these settings.

To use The Howler, simply turn off any overdrive/boost pedals that are built into your amp sim, drop The Howler in a plugin slot before your amp sim, turn it on, and enjoy the encredibly tight and THICC tone!

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You've got questions, we've got answers...

How do I use it?

Use the provided installers to install the plugin, then open your DAW. If you don't have it setup to automatically scan for new plugins, start the scan manually. This process is different for each DAW, so refer to your DAWs manual for how to start a scan for new plugins. After the scan is complete, you can insert an instance of The Howler on your tracks, before your amp sim.

What plugin formats are provided?

AU (Mac) and VST3 (Mac & Windows)

Will it work in my DAW?

Logic, Reaper, Cubase and Ableton are officially supported. Pro Tools (AAX) support is in the works but there is no current ETA.

System Requirements?

• macOS Monterey (v12) or greater
• Intel or M based chip

• Windows 10 or greater