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Cabs of Chaos Bundle – Metal Impulse Responses

Cabs of Chaos Bundle – Metal Impulse Responses

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Unleash the sonic thunder with our metal impulse response bundle: "Cabs of Chaos, Vol 1" and "Cabs of Chaos, Vol 2". Crafted by the mastermind metal producer Jeremy Fox at AugustRose Studio, these IRs will inject your recordings with spine-tingling tone and raw power.

Can't decide on just one? We feel you. That's why we're serving up both packs in this killer bundle – because who says you have to choose? And to make the deal even sweeter, we're giving you a discounted rate that'll make your inner penny-pincher proud.

Whether you're riffing in your garage or laying down tracks in the studio, these IRs will take your sound to the next level. Get ready to unleash a sonic storm like never before. Grab the bundle now and let the metal madness begin.

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You've got questions, we've got answers...

What's Included?

This in a bundled impulse response pack that includes all impulse responses from both the "Cabs of Chaos, Vol 1" and "Cabs of Chaos, Vol 2" packs. All impulses are in WAV format. Please see each of the individual product pages for additional details and info.

Can I use these on my hardware (QuadCortex, Kemper, etc)?

Yes! Just import the IRs from the proper sample rate subfolder within the pack. For example, if you're importing them on to your QuadCortex, you'd want to use the 48 kHz sample rate versions from the "48 kHz" subfolder.

Will these work with my DAW?

Yes! You'll just need an IR loader in order to use them. If you own a modern amp sim, you likely already have an IR loader built into that amp sim. If you'd like to use an external IR loader (one that's not built into an amp sim) you can use something like the free NadIR load from STLTones.

It's also highly recommended that if you turn off any high or low pass filters, as well as any resonance controls. Not all IR loaders offer these settings but if they do, turn them to their "off" position or set them to the settings below:
Low pass: set to it's max position (something like 20 kHz or higher)
High pass: set to it's lowest position (something like 20 Hz or lower)
Resonance: set to it's lowest setting (basically just set it to 0)

What gear was used in creating this pack?

We know many of you are likely very curious about the gear used in creating our impulse responses. While we can say that many of the staples you know and love and included in our packs, there are many others that are less popular and more obscure. For this reason, we encourage you to have a listen to the audio samples down below. As you'll hear, these impulse responses are the real deal. So, if you're looking to up your guitar tone, these impulse responses are a must have.